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July Life Coach

Community Class #1: Action Formula

Actions are just going to flow out of you.

My summer friends,

It is July! I'm excited for July not just because my birthday's in it, but because I just love the energy of July. School's out, beaches, hot dogs, and fireworks are on the menu. It's such a relaxing yet passionate month and that's the energy I strive to carry in my business.

With that feeling I want to invite you to my first community class: The action formula. It's happening on July 20th, 8PM PST. I'm going to keep reminding you for the rest of this month about the event, but in this email I want to let you know WHY this is a very important thing for me to teach.

Like the majority of people, my understanding of procrastination was that it's a laziness issue. I procrastinate because I'm lazy and I'm an unmotivated individual. After my first life coach certification, I came to understand it from a different perspective: the perspective of the brain. The ability to do action comes from the prefrontal cortex, which is usually overshadowed by a hyperactive primitive brain. So we need to strengthen the prefrontal cortex to get things done.

And then after my second certification I came to another realization about procrastination. Maybe we know that we need to do things, but our habituated thought patterns around action make it REALLY hard to get things done. It's like, I know what to do - but at the same time I don't want to do it (I'm looking at you, vacuum cleaner and dishes on my sink). My current offering of the anti-procrastination cookbook views procrastination from the angle of, let's clean up your headspace so that you can invite motivation to get you going.

Because ideas can evolve... I realized that's not it to the procrastination story. I'm still framing it as a problem. By treating you like someone who procrastinates, I'm not recognizing the intelligent part of you who is intentionally choosing inaction - I was indirectly shaming you by giving you a solution to procrastination, because I was treating you like a problem to fix. You have intelligence and rationale behind your inaction (whether you're conscious of it or not) and I was not respecting that part of you.

With that perspective I arrived at the action formula. The action formula is just a model of WHY certain things feel effortless and certain things feel so fucking difficult. It doesn't care whether you need or should do things or not; there's no agenda to the action formula other than just plainly explaining why your current state is the way it is. There's a YouTube video and a previous email explaining the concept already, so what's in this class?

The definition of the formula is simple. It's just a math between your desire and unwillingness. But there's a lot of nuance to it, and the nuance is what's covered in the class. Specifically we're going to talk about:

  • How do I feel hype around really stupid and mundane things?
  • If perfectionism slows things down, why do we invite perfectionism in the first place?
  • In that vein, why do something if it's not even going to be good?
  • How is it possible to not feel guilty about years of not doing anything and wasting time?
  • Isn't my lack of action just a lack of discipline and motivation?

among many other different nuances. My goal is by the end of the class you're going to:

  • Understand why you DO or DON'T do things
  • Intentionally make things easier to do, in fact so easy it feels effortless
  • Stop doing things and have a clean break instead of feeling guilty

With just those 3 achievements, I think you're going to get a LOT of things done in your life.

So again, I really hope you join the class. If you can't because of time zone issues - don't worry, the recording will be available in the same link. I'm hosting it on YouTube, but if you want to be live coached I'll provide a zoom link as well during the class.

This is my first community event and I'm excited! I hope this excitement was apparent in this email and hope it spreads to your day today.


113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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